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Circle of Race

I Smile loudly Inside of me In every Beautiful twilight Born with Enthusiasm Every sunset that Steals a portion of our Breath Calms my fears In-circles We are perfectly Racing against own shadows

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Who Truly Am I?

Thousands of your words that made me a woman Are conspicuous on the walls of my heart. The more I struggle to get rid of you and them all, The more it mixes smoothly into my blood stream. Even as … Continue reading

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Good to dream

Inside a sixty-four seater bus Surrounded by no one but everyone That is bestowed with smiling faces In their laughter trickles a passion In their eyes Flames of happiness crystallises That rapidly melts me in fullness of joy My Spirit … Continue reading

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The Feathers of Love

  I had a dream A dream to fly higher as I could reach I dreamt of a flight without wobbling That desire to cruise at the peak on point Never dies in my heart even as seconds of My … Continue reading

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The First Kiss That Never Happened ..Part 1

I was lost in one of our reading class when looking at her rare art of curved hip that sent my mouth watering as she walked away for a seat. She eventually became a wanted distraction to me in the reading class. At 15 years of age, her breast is unchallengingly up-pointing craving for a touch as if it is going to tear her cloth apart. At full concentration, her eyes were irresistibly sexy and inviting. While flicking my gaze at her, she caught my eyes. Her response was quite stunning, flashing her eyelids at me, she smiled sweetly exposing her two-sided cheek dimples. Continue reading

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Laying down my Love

You are a good gift from the Lord The perfection of my hunger desire I thought of a wonderful gift To beautify your smile And fine tune your laughter The moon is good to light-up Your life through darkness But … Continue reading

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sunshine smile

The long way of walk never weakens me The toiling, profuse sweating never wearied me Day by day experience makes me happier and stronger Especially when i look at the sunshine of your smile. Life have thought me that a … Continue reading

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