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The Kiss That Never Happened: Part II

My heart was beating fast when she got down her eyes in seconds voraciously going through the poems with her head slightly bending downwards, lowering her chest toward my front. Her posture was good enough for me to feed my eyes. I gazed through her bra-less breast, the sharply pointing nipples of her bountiful breast sent shivers down my spine. I clutched my legs tightly as my thighs trembled. I glanced at her breast frequently and uncontrollably as I waited eagerly for her reaction to my poem. Continue reading

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The First Kiss That Never Happened ..Part 1

I was lost in one of our reading class when looking at her rare art of curved hip that sent my mouth watering as she walked away for a seat. She eventually became a wanted distraction to me in the reading class. At 15 years of age, her breast is unchallengingly up-pointing craving for a touch as if it is going to tear her cloth apart. At full concentration, her eyes were irresistibly sexy and inviting. While flicking my gaze at her, she caught my eyes. Her response was quite stunning, flashing her eyelids at me, she smiled sweetly exposing her two-sided cheek dimples. Continue reading

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My heart most wanted

It takes faith to be faithful It takes Selfless to be sincere It takes honor to be honest It takes sensitivity to be seductive It takes romantic to be sexy And it takes love to be loved These are the … Continue reading

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