The Kiss That Never Happened: Part II


The first kiss

Flashing a smile in response to her direct eye contact, I wished a smack on the table could get me disappeared to end the drama. Pretended as if nothing have happened, I quickly re-engaged myself in the team brainstorming. When the meeting was over, I made some excuses to avoid walking together with the rest of the girls. I took a different route, raced down home to cool off the drumming beat of my heart.

We had a couple of meetings afterwards before the first term examination came in SS1 class. I tried as much as possible bottling up my growing desire for Adaeze, shelving all the possible ways of having a direct interaction with her. The exam came and gone with some surprises. Laeticia, the new joiner outclassed everyone to the first position, I took the second while Adaeze settled for the third position, a new development she was totally unhappy with.

There was four weeks holiday after the exam. “How beautiful will a day be without seeing Adaeze’s face”, was my thought when I left for the holiday. Four weeks seemed to be such long time to me, I prayed every day for it to be over. Staying more days without looking into her round sexy flaming eyes that melt my heart, will always make the jack in me a dullard.

The holiday eventually crawled away, classes resumed again. Adaeze was a little bit indifferent, seeing me more as a class rivalry than a friend. But this never diluted my burning desire for her. I knew it was a bittersweet longing that filled my soul. I cannot help myself wondering how I just kept on falling deeper in love with someone that not only humiliated and battered my image, but rubbished my integrity few years ago. I am a slave to my feelings, working so hard to keep my inner-self happy even when I thought otherwise. Thank God for the holiday, my idle mind was productive writing poems anytime I had my head in the clouds, full of Adaeze’s imagination. The multitude of emotion locked up is waiting for the perfect opportunity to be unlocked.

The opportunity came, it was a silent evening when I returned to school for the team reading meeting. Without a prior notice, two of the team reading members were unavoidably absent. I was all alone in the class with Adaeze, each of us looking through the window searching for nothing without a word. I could decipher every bit of birds whispering in and around the school premises. As we were swallowed by the loneliness of the walls of the classroom, I decided to break the long silence…

“Adaeze, how was your holiday?”

Slightly moving her eyes direction, she grinned and said, “It was good, spent time with my parents attending domestic work and helping my mother in her market stall.”

“What did you enjoy most?” I asked further

“Going to the market with mum because I can always get some money from her to buy things I wanted to eat. Also, have the opportunity to meet and play with friends in the market”

‘That is good, you had a great holiday”

She interrupted, “Not all that great. This is a farming season, I hate going to the farm. I have to wake up early in the morning to go to the farm, especially when my dad roars like a lion to me. Hope no need to go to the farm next time”.

Her face lit up, putting fingers under her chin then she continued, “What was your experience, you like going to the farm”?

I could read the excitement on her face as her eyes roundly focused to my mouth like a torchlight that never stop searching for the hidden truth inside the darkness as I tell her my holiday’s experience.

“I hate going to the farm as well, luckily I didn’t spend the holiday in the village. I visited my elder brother in the city. I had a good time there”.

Not everyone has the opportunity of spending a holiday in the city, that is why Adaeze was deeply engrossed hearing more of my experience. This kind of opportunity does not come every day. it was the perfect time to pour out my heart to her has.

“You know I spent a lot of time watching India and America films, they were amazing. I love the India films most because of its high intriguing love stories. In addition, I read some new novels and was able to write some good poems”.

She was amused and exclaimed, “A poem, what for”.

“I wrote for you”, I responded searching my school bag, brought out a small diary and handed it over to her.

I had two poems written for Adaeze in the diary. It was the first time I have written a poem. The amazing thing was that the poems were written when her thoughts filled my mind.

My heart was beating fast when she got down her eyes in seconds voraciously going through the poems with her head slightly bending downwards, lowering her chest toward my front. Her posture was good enough for me to feed my eyes. I gazed through her bra-less breast, the sharply pointing nipples of her bountiful breast sent shivers down my spine. I clutched my legs tightly as my thighs trembled. I glanced at her breast frequently and uncontrollably as I waited eagerly for her reaction to my poem.

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