The First Kiss That Never Happened ..Part 1

The first kiss

After my primary school in 1987, the door opened for me to attend secondary school. I Was posted to a secondary school that is thirty minutes sweat walk from home where I lived with my parents. I admired a lot of people from my town, most of them attended Iteowerri secondary school. They are right now successful businessmen, engineers, doctors, bankers etc. Gaining admission to this school, have given me one step leap forward in becoming a pharmacist which my elder brothers have long dreamed for me.

I was excited having my first lesson in JSS 1 class (Junior Secondary School). The class was a gathering of students from different primary schools. There was a mad rush to impress the teachers that first year, everyone worked hard to earn a good start. At the end of the first and second term, I was unable to be one of the top ten students in the class which has been my priority from day one I got admission. However, I passed comfortably well and got promoted to JSS 2 class.

I never cared to know the students that came top in the class then, but I learnt later that Benny had the first position while Adaeze came second. The remaining top ten positions were swept by other girls. To me, it was a league of intelligent girls vs bunches of non-serious boys in the class except Benny who later became my best friend in JSS 2 class.

In JSS 2 class first term, I had a humiliating experience. After taking my lunch during the break time that very day, I came back to study a mathematics problem we had in the morning that was difficult for me to understand. All alone in the class, totally drown in understanding what I was studying when a voice called me out. It took echoes of memory to hear that someone was actually talking to me. When I looked up, it was Adaeze standing near her class locker table, about four meters distance away from me. She was the least girl in the class I expected to talk to me because of her self-carrying arrogant posture. We have been a classmate for one year but never say a word to each other. I heard that her father  was a retired strict disciplinarian teacher, that really helped her performance in the class.

“Yes, are you talking to me”?, I inquired

“Deaf and dumb, with that your empty head, will you return the cake biscuit you have taken from my locker”, she shouted at me.

“But I didn’t take your cake biscuits”, I responded, dismayed.

“You are all alone here while others have gone out for a break.  If you didn’t then who did ? Go tell it to the mountain”, she concluded.

She reported me to the school Chemistry teacher who kneeled me down in the presence of students and flogged me heavily without a proper investigation. I was left with some scars on my buttocks for weeks before it finally disappeared. It was horrible taking a shower as the scars lasted, water touching it drove me painfully crazy. Adaeze became my public number one enemy after this incident; I tried avoiding her.

The incident taught me a new whole lesson in my life. I strived more to achieve academic excellence to avoid someone ranking me as a low-level student. Since then, anytime I must study during break time, have to do it outside the classroom; either under the tree or near the bush because the school doesn’t have a library.

My effort paid off as I took 5th and 4th positions in first and second terms of JSS 2 Class respectively. I maintained 4th position also in JSS 3 class. Benny and Adaeze never felt threatened in their traditional first and second positions respectively. My sudden positive academic performance was admired by many of our teachers.

When we moved to SS 1 class (Senior Secondary) from JSS 3 class, things changed. Benny left school for business and we had new joiners from other schools. One of the new joiners was a girl named Leticia from a commercial school nearby town, Eustace from seminary school while Paul joined from a school located in the northern part of the country where his father worked as a military man. He was the darkest student in our class. He was fluent in three major Nigeria languages, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba.

I was made the class prefect in SS 1 class as Benny left. This is a position mainly reserved for the intelligent students with organizational abilities. I have to be friendly to everyone including my longtime enemy, Adaeze due to my new post. Being a class prefect offered me the opportunity to look at everyone’s script after each class test and exams. It was damn to me that Adaeze and Leticia, the new joiner were the smartest girls we had in the class.

After some couple of class test in SS 1 class, Leticia suggested that we should form a small reading group. The reading group included Leticia, Adaeze, Amarachi, a top five classmate. We were four in number, I was the only boy in the group. We met three times a week, between 4.30 to 6.30pm after school hours.

The group reading helped me a lot. It gave me an undeniable opportunity of getting to know Adaeze better. She was more friendly than I thought. I was lost in one of our reading class when looking at her rare art of curved hip that sent my mouth watering as she walked away for a seat. She eventually became a wanted distraction to me in the reading class. At 15 years of age, her breast is unchallengingly up-pointing craving for a touch as if it is going to tear her cloth apart. At full concentration, her eyes were irresistibly sexy and inviting. While flicking my gaze at her, she caught my eyes. Her response was quite stunning,  flashing her eyelids at me, she smiled sweetly exposing her two-sided cheek dimples.

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