What To Do If You Are Tired Of Being Single

being single

The recurrent opinion of people being happily single is untrue. It is a pretence of managing happiness, ego, and personality in the public places. In the private of any single woman especially when at matured age of 30+, sadness and anger always fume. The frustration tends to push the singles taking  the direction that will limit their opportunity of engaging in a meaningful relationship.  Hiding in the shade of the disappointment is a new normal alternative that makes the singles feel comfortable with their status.

Being single is never the preferred choice of any woman. It is a circumstance that we find difficult to understand sometimes. That is why conscious rethinking, reshaping, redirection and personal re-orientation have to be considered. Imagine how hot, beautiful, rich, brilliant, connected, humble, wretched and ugly some women are but still single. The trend of being single cannot be predicted.  Some of the characters that contributed being single for a longer period of time are tangible. Being single is surmountable if there is a willingness to accept the associated weaknesses. Making amend to those characters of choice that influences relationship in negative ways will definitely bring a change. Let consider some five adjustments that can bring a positive change:

1. Soul Searching:
If you have had series of relationships that ended in an ununderstandable manner, you have to pause and think before going further. Engage yourself in question and answer sessions. What are those things I do wrong that need to be changed?. Is it about my look, personal hygiene, choice, dream, inherent qualities of mind and character?.

The good reason why people stay longer being single is not accepting that there is a problem. Don’t make such common mistake. You can only solve a problem that exists. To completely understand yourself, your close friends, relatives, ex-boyfriends and your wishlist boyfriend can be very resourceful in getting the required answers. Don’t be ashamed of asking questions that matter to you. It will help in rebuilding a better person for a prosperous tomorrow relationship.

2. Don’t be too traditional:
Allowing the cultural background to affect your choice of man is one of the grave mistakes some singles make. Culture define who we are but not what we are. We live in a community where we share common things together. The most important common thing we share is love. What we need to live a happy life is love.  Tolerance, understanding, and respect help love to thrive in a relationship. Having a happy and prosperous relationship does not mean when Chinese got married to Chinese, Irish to Irish, Indian to Indian and so on. It means being in a relationship with who you truly love and understand.

The psychology attraction of men to women varies with different cultural background. There are several physical features such as the shape of a face, waist to hip ratio, height, full-body, slim-fit that attracts men of different cultural background than the other. Keep an open mind. It is a possibility of being much attracted to men outside your race or cultural background due to your physical attributes. Giving someone that seriously appreciates your personality and physical features irrespective of their cultural background a chance will help you finding the right man.

3. Don’t give so much attention to your beauty:
Men love admiring pretty good looking women. The question now is what is pretty good looking woman?.  “Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder” is well said. The choices men make while choosing girlfriends defines the true meaning of being beautiful. Paying so much attention to your looks can only make you be the target of a huge freak in men clothing rather than attracting someone serious. Having heavy make-ups does not actually make you pretty or good looking. The hard truth is that wearing so revealing clothes do not kill it rather it nails you to be a cheap hawk.

Moderation and simplicity matter a lot to keep people looking, pointing and asking “who is that lady hiding there”. Even when you are hiding, they can still see you. Don’t ever think over-emphasized fashion and make-ups is making any right statement. Men are attracted to superficial things but still make the right choices when faced with multiple challenges. Instead of masquerading make-ups on your face, put up a very light make-up. Concentrate on defining those your symmetrical facial look men are crazy for. Wearing clothes that cover your body to a greater extent is good. The clothes that wrap your body showing those great curves of your waist to hips, hot legs, boobs, full-body or slim fit are sexier than revealing.

4. Don’t price yourself so high:
Pricing yourself so high out of the market of relationship is when you are available only to the highest bidder. There is a problem when you are too specific in the type of a man you wants to date.  When the man’s physical and material endowment dominates your sense of reasoning, you are pricing yourself out of the market. It is good to know what you want in a relationship as a single person, but don’t live in the dream world. Try to be connected to the realities of life. Be a lady that feels she has something to make a relationship worthwhile. A Relationship is about two people that are ready to make things work out for the benefit of the union. What qualities are you bringing to make the union work? That should be your self-assessment.

These three qualities makes any man to be comfortable with a woman:
#Someone who will show a tremendous support even when he is clueless
#Someone that is confident enough to influence his life in some little way
#Someone that will inspire him to greater things.

5. Don’t be a push-over:
If you don’t stand for anything, you will definitely be boring to a man. Intelligence, skillfulness, value, creativity and display of ultimate emotional maturity are one of the few things that men appreciate, respect and adore in a woman. To keep a man coming back, you have to be positively challenging. Improve your skill and have a creative hobby. It helps in improving a quality of life and having an engaging discussion.

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