Common Mistake Women make when falling in love

Common Mistake women make when falling in loveThe common mistake women make when falling in love is many. The aftermath consequences of the decision have prompted me to ask one rhetorical question, “why do we actually fall in love”?

A Relationship is an act of commitment that supposed to bring many goodies on board, it is never a game. It should bring goodies of happiness, companionship, and hope with an open hand of succour in the time of a threat. A relationship supposed to be a place we find upliftment, completeness, eagerness and sense of a good humor of life. We have seen an increase in relationship break-up of recent than before. Helen Chen asserted in her love seminar that over 85% of dating ends in a break-up. The modern re-definition of relationship is never a future certain of disappointment and hate if we handle it well.

1. Accepting Immaturity:
The common sight of a physical affectionate act of love in every corner between lovers has interpreted relationship wrongly. To the immature minds, a relationship is a showmanship they crave to indulge in. Falling in love is more than exploiting the sensitivity of every part of the body. It is more than having sex, getting pregnant without a pre-plan of some future certainty. Falling and staying in love with someone that doesn’t have the direction of the relationship in mind is wrong. It is a regrettable mistake waiting for eternity as he figures out what his mind is not ready for.

“Maturity is a thing of the mind. It put on trial the pattern of man’s thinking and the sincerity of his love to his woman”. Tweet this

Maturity has nothing to do with age, riches, and class. Rather, it is a clear decision of need, priority, and future. The power of maturity is seen in commitment, resoluteness, selflessness and determination of what is right in the time of confusion. These are the qualities that make a relationship fruitful. Allow maturity to anchor the choice you make when falling in love.

2. Being Infatuated:
Infatuation is one of those regrettable mistakes women make when in falling in love. When you have the clear meaning of what is a relationship, I guess this mistake can be avoided. First of all, you have to know what is a relationship and the reasons to fall in love before you can avoid any mistake.

A relationship is not a pleasurable moment, it is not short lived ecstasies or having a euphoria of a lifetime. Tweet this

Allowing phonetic rhythms, a man’s fat pocket, and the excellent physique of a man drive your emotion is an infatuation. No matter the effort you spend converting wrong to right, infatuation cannot be a love.

Allowing phonetic rhythms, a man’s fat pocket, and the excellent physique of a man drive your emotion is an infatuation. No matter the effort you spend converting wrong to right, infatuation cannot be a love.

Those decisions that turn you 361 degrees back to where you started after a while can be avoided. Pinch yourself before yielding to things that won’t last longer than an excitement. In a lifetime, you can meet millions of people with attractive physical attributes. The chances are that you will continue to switch from one person to other if infatuation drives your love relationship.

Always realise that the only way to stay happy in a relationship is loving one person in a million way. Tweet This

3. Self-Hate
The first rule of love is loving oneself in such a way that you appreciate someone else to love and cherish you. Self-love is not a selfish act. It helps in discovering self-value and respect.

Discovering your value will place you in the right mind of knowing your worth. Tweet This

It is not good enough for someone to know how unique and precious she is. Acting it is the most important thing. You have to carry yourself in such manner before you can attract respect from others. When you know your fundamental right of what your worth deserved, you will demand it. No one will mess around with your emotion neither will you plead for a crumb when you deserve more.

The mistake that got people imprisoned in a relationship is the lack of self-worth and self-respect. Tweet This

Build up your self-esteem and confidence so that you will appreciate yourself the more. Loving, cherishing and respecting yourself will attract the same from any man.

4. Unforgiveness of the Past:
Falling in love is a serious business. Eliminating temporary problems that can affect the business of relationship is very important. Dwelling in the past relationship is a mistake that will affect the present and future relationships. The past relationship becomes a  stumbling block to moving forward when you failed to learn from it. Failure to understand that past experiences are a great wealth of knowledge for today’s success, nothing good comes to your relationship.

Carrying the emotions of the past into a new relationship is capable of destroying the good intentions of a man. Some of the problems unforgiveness of the past cause in a relationship include:

#1. Trust Issue: When you cannot forgive the past, definitely you will have a trust issue with a new relationship. Placing a man under scrutiny and interpreting every of his actions brings friction in a relationship. No man want to spend all his time justifying every of his actions just to please his woman. It is the responsibilities of the couples to trust and understand each other.

#2. Comparison: The common mistake we are consistent with when there is no forgiveness of the past in a relationship is a comparison. It does not show a sign of respect when comparing one person to other. It gets so bad if the man in your past had some better quality than the present person. If comparison becomes vocal, it becomes a kind of nag that scares men away.

Relationship crashes when you spend much time changing a man instead of loving him. Tweet This

When you fall in love with someone, you have to appreciate the uniqueness of that person. Loving and accepting him for who he is will become your duty. Ask questions and be open for discussion if you worry about something. A man who loves and respects you will definitely be open in discussing things in detail with you.

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