Hiding in The Shade of Disappointment


Have you witnessed disappointment in a relationship before? Yes, disappointment is part of our world. Everyday life seems incomplete without disappointment. Nothing is complete without first being incomplete. That is the hope that keeps you alive and kicking. You already assured yourself “dudes, Why should I complain, that is what life can offer”. You have become contented with things happening around you.

For you relationship is all about disappointment. Everything comes crashing when they see you approaching. The rules of the game change overnight because you just stepped in. A dating website got infected with vultures and devourers because you were around. Even you got scammed in the process of finding the love of your life. The dream man you spent days and nights molding in the inner-most part of your thoughts and wishes is disappointment.

Whatever you admire to have as yours, always have a one-time passionate date with you before showing the true side of themselves “Sorry, I am not available”. If he is not taken, he will definitely make up some excuses to avoid your companionship. You are created to be loved, appreciated and celebrated by any man but it is now different. You are now ending up being a feast instead of being celebrated. You are unanimously accepting the offer of being a doll.

In terms of a relationship, you have been on marathon race longer than Ten Thousand miles world champion without being rewarded. You never get a medal nor a word of appreciation for your effort. Your faith is gradually eroding. Depression is systematically building boundaries all around you. Your professional work is now a hiding place as your hope of finding someone that truly loves you always meet with disappointment. Working late night has become a tradition. Working on weekends, even on Sundays is fast turning out to be what you are happy doing. “I feel good being busy with my work” is the new consolation words acquired to calm your nerves down.

You now operate Uber-sharing scheme to remain moving in the journey of relationship. Only best playing second fiddle before can be considered as a girlfriend. You are now comfortable in reactivating ex-ex boyfriends relationships while being fully aware that you are not into the mainstream of their future plan.

You are now a social media democrat having an account across all social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Pinterest, name them. Your side job is attending friend’s wedding and being happy celebrating their happiness. You always available clicking like buttons on your friends wedding and honeymoon photos as they appear in your social media feeds.

You are pretty cool, an astonishing beauty, easy to diffuse in a gathering, have outstanding phonetics and capable of making a man fall in love at first sight still your dream is far away from being met. In secret you are busy thinking “why all these disappointments, what have gone wrong”.

Now might be the most difficult time of journey in your life especially as your career, beauty and age are at its prime time. Everything works well except relationships. Could it be that you are the clog on your own wheel? What are those wrong things that have to be made right? This question and much more will be answered in the next post captioned “Why You May Be Having A Tough Relationship in Life”. Stay tuned.

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