10 Ways Women Can Make Their Marriage Work.

How To Make Your Marriage Work

How To Make Your Marriage Work

The undoubted truth of making marriage work lies on two people. It is always a difficult task to single-handedly build a strong lasting marriage. There must be a conscious and practical effort from the man to make the marriage strong. The two partners involved have a huge responsibility if the marriage must work. Still, women are known to be the cornerstone that held the foundation of marriage strong and still standing. The good qualities of women which men lacks have given them an advantage over men in building a lasting relationship.

1. Talk, don’t Nag:
Most women that take nagging as their trademark never have peaceful marriage. No man can withstand nagging for long time without faltering away. What men appreciates is a constructive engagement not harassment. There is always time for everything. If your man offends you, find the right time to talk to him don’t take it out on him. Believe it, what peaceful discussion does not solve nagging will bring out the worst out of it. No human being can be creative enough or peaceful when there is no conducive environment. The proven successful time of having good discussion with men is when he is stable and happy. Find out the time of his right mood. He is your man, study him and know the right time to raise some important issues. Always make your home conducive for him to think of coming back after having a stressful day.

2. Be A Comforter:
What is the reason men always run back to their mother from time to time? If there is anything that makes marriage to work, it is the true quality of being a mother to him. That is why the majority of men want to marry someone just like their mother. To keep your marriage working, you must be ready to play motherly roles to your husband. Be his comforter. Always read his face to know when he is not the same cheerful man you use to know. Ask him questions when you think something is bothering him. Get him something to eat or drink when he is back home tired. Help him undress, run a calm message on him to make him feel good and relaxed. Be there always to share his bad moment with consoling advice.

3. Be Fashionable:
Men admire women that are good looking and fashionable. You have to make a little investment in yourself to always look your best for him. Have to always ask yourself, “what are those things attracted him to me”. Adequately answering the question will help to prevent a man being unfaithful in the marriage.

Some men like a woman that is full and big, keep that for him. While other men like you being perfectly in shape as when they met you. Go to the gym, have a work-out to keep yourself fit for him. If you want him to take you out, be proud to show you off, always be in your best and admirable all the time.

4. Learn how to forgive:
Women are proven to have better memories retention than the men. That is why women are very recurrent with the things that happened in the past. This has not been so helpful in making marriage work especially when the memories are full of grudges. Giving the past a room of dominance in the marriage will always ruin the future. Taking your time digging deep the mistakes of the man in the past including what he did before getting married to you will spoil your mood, bring up an argument that will certainly destroy the marriage. If you can take a moment out, think about your own past, you will learn how to forgive and move forward. Why? Because no one is perfect including yourself.

5. Don’t Take A Final Decision:
The values of marriage undoubtedly go with the fact that men are the head of the marriage. That is the reason the man should be on the forefront of making decisions that matter in the relationship. Allowing the man the responsibility of making decisions is not only showing him the respect he deserves but also committing him to take up his duties as a man.

6. Don’t Cheat on Him:
A Cheating woman is what men forbids and hardly forgives. Put yourself in his shoes to imagine what he will feel when you cheat him. It is better never to think about it cheating your man. It is the hardest thing men find difficult to move on when it happens in a relationship.

7. Don’t Deny Him Sex:
As much as the husband has a full responsibility of satisfying his wife sexually, the woman has an unreserved duty of meeting up the man’s sexual requirements at all time. To make the marriage work, sex should not be a punishment tool. After some minor disagreement in a marriage, having sex has the tendency of bringing the rising matters settled if handled appropriately. Sex is far better as a reconciliation tool than punishment tool. Give him access to your body anytime of the day or anywhere at home to make him be full of it.

8.Be positively Engaged:
Men commit their time building their career because of being afraid of failing in their basic responsibility. After work, some men are still busy at home doing other things that will helpful  in one way or the other improving their career chances and earning more. Definitely, this makes the woman feels lonely even when he is at home.

Instead of being bored and raising issues that may generate problems in the relationship, the woman should learn how to manage the situation at all times. Women have to learn how to be supportive, give him the free time by positively engaging their time. This could be done by learning a new skill, developing a new hobby and even, acquiring new educational certificates.

9. Don’t Be Secretive:
Allow your husband to know you in and out. Let him be able to predict you at all times. Sharing opinion and ideas should be allowed to flow without restriction. A little lie brings a huge distrust in a relationship. Don’t build your marriage on lies and deceit, it creates a gap in trust that can never be filled. It is almost impossible rebuilding a trust when it comes to a disrepute.

10. Don’t Misunderstand Him:
In relationship understanding shows how you respect your man. It convinces him that you truly loves and cares for him. Whenever you reassured him, “Honey, don’t worry I understand”, his heart beat will surely slow down to the required balance.

When the business is constantly noise diving and he found it difficult providing as he does before,  does not mean he is not working hard enough again. You have to understand him,  adjust the lifestyle to cope with the reality on the ground.
When he comes home burdened and don’t feel like talking at the moment, understand by giving him space and time to get over it.
When he gives up hope, reason with him, calm him down. That is the only way to get him back on his feet again.

Men are like babies, it takes patience, endurance, perseverance and being cool-headed to understand them. It only takes being supportive and reliable to bring the best out of them. Take your time to find out what he does differently and why. Inquire and check what you can do to make him feel better.

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