You are not seasonal

What a beautiful scenarios to behold
Taking a brain rest,full of conscious mind
observing the transitions of morning horizon
from my elevated room glass window
every early morning is now a common thing.

The summer commences, it is bright and clear
Likened to your crystal clear love to me
In no time, cold, white Dew saturates my eyes
just as the memory of your love saturated my heart
I sorted for the name of it that makes me to
hunger for you more, it is named winter, no wonder.

Time progresses, insects waken, buzzing around
Springing shower, its condensed window moisture
bars my horizon exploit but reminds me of your
ever-soothing touch that keeps me dreaming
while folding you inside me desperately..
seeking for your more contact that spark heat.

Seasons are seasonal, but you are “Millennium”
to come by, i will hold you and never let you go.

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