You are Exceptional

My dearest!
Exceptionality is the best
Attribute of your personality
You sound loud and clear in
Definition just like a white
Clear crystal
..You are Easy to comprehend..
Just like my nursery school
First class lesson..ABCD…
..Among the garden of flowers..
My eyes is always unable to
Ignore the flamboyant colors
Of your petals.

As a sunshine you have shone
Brighter and brighter in my
pathway that cannot be neglected
..As a laughter you have kept on..
Tickling my ribs that I find it
Difficult to stop laughing
..As a designer you have…
Manifested your creativity on
My face with a permanent smile
That I even smiles while asleep

You are a complete babe
Difficult to resist as you melt away
In my arms like ice never did before.
..You never stop ringing in my…
Head even in the dream of my sleep
I cannot stop thinking about you
..You inspire me to aspire for…
The best I need and that is you.

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