Who Truly Am I?

Who Truly I Am?

Who Truly I Am?

Thousands of your words that made me a woman
Are conspicuous on the walls of my heart.
The more I struggle to get rid of you and them all,
The more it mixes smoothly into my blood stream.
Even as you drive me at a stupendous speed to dead,
The loyalty of the love you planted in me gets lots stronger

I knew nothing when you taught me everything,
I loved nothing when you taught me that love is life.
Very early in my youth, I was a seed in your hand,
You planted me with great care like a good farmer.
You watched my roots well grounded, stem shoot up
To the sky, branches sprout and flower fully blossom.
And, you guided me on how to rise with the rays of
Sunlight even when in the bottles of darknesses.

I glued to you like an inseparable soul for long,
Until your first deep kiss melted me to oblivion.
Blood running down in between my wobbling thighs
Was the aftermath. With the mixed feelings,
I found it difficult to stand on my feets.
Still, my mouth and heart found it easier to
Confess my forever unchangeable love for
Everything in and out of you. Till now,
Despite the bitterness in my heart,
I never stop loving you.

You completely won my heart when,
You made me understand what is
To love in pains
To care in rejection
To take someone from grass to grace,
And from dump-hill to celebrity-height.

But in all these, I am still amazed on
How quick the days have walked away,
The years have run so fast that I could
Only behold the shadows of our old days,

Now, many questions cry out in my heart for answers.
They trouble my soul and takes away the peace of my
Ever tranquillized mind: Who Truly Am I?
Am I still beautiful as you said?
Why can’t my smile melt your steeled heart?

I know that I am not tender anymore because you have
Plucked away that flagrant rose of my tenderness,
And left me with an empty nest of life
Please, tell me who truly am I now?



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