Too Golden To Let Go

Sail To My Side My Angel

You have Ignited My Soul

You Have Raised The Tempo Of My Cheer

And The Burning Fire Of My Feeling For You

Just Like A Lake Of Fire That Can’t Be Quenched

Even By The Mighty PacificĀ  Ocean Water

I Will Not Let The Day Marries The Night

Nor The Dove Flies In The Peace Of Dawn

To Expose The Riot Waves Storming

At The Right Center Of My heart

I Know My Heart Cannot Lie

My Feelings Are Always Right

I Doubt Not What My Eyes Have Seen

That You Are Beautifully Structured

I Doubt Not What My Feeling Is Pulsing

That You Are Loudly Lovely

Neither Do I Doubt My Heart Throb

That You Are Created To All My Desire

I Have Let Many Things Go Before

You Are Too Golden To Let Go

I Will Hold On You Every Seconds Of My Life

Just Like I Hold On To The Breath Of My Life

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7 Responses to Too Golden To Let Go

  1. Erica says:

    Are you fall in love?

  2. waoh, what a lovely and touching love note.

  3. hummmmmmmmmm,the Beautifull is Born.

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