From the day I said I do

I thought I had found the one

The one to hold me close

The one to care about me

The one I would grow old with

We had gone through our fair share of hard times

We have weathered each and every storm that came our way

We had stuck together like one

I thought we would get through it all

He was the one I was willing to lay my life down for

Then the late nights began

He said he was in the office working for us

But every day he would come smelling differently

The hours grew later and the smell grew stronger

I tried everything to hold us together

But I felt like I was alone


He came home one night

Drunk as a fish

I went to him like I always did

He looked at me

His eyes cold

I felt the shiver

But I still went by


He didn’t even greet me

He hit me

What had I done?

I had cared for him

Tried to help him

Tried to talk to him

The next day I vowed to leave

I couldn’t suffer the abuse

He came around begging, pleading

I saw how sincere he was

I went back

But night after night the story was the same

I was hit, felt pain I never knew existed

I had tried to leave but each time he came for me

Each time with a different excuse and the same promise

Each time I believed him

Each time I gave him a chance

Now I am his personal punching bag

I have nowhere to run

If he comes back to me

The excuse aren’t the same

“Come with me or die woman!”

That’s all he says

Too scared to leave

Too frightened to stay

This is my life now I guess

Trying to cling on to the hope that one day


He will be the man I fell in love with

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