The Feathers of Love


Feathers of Love

The Feathers of Love

I had a dream
A dream to fly higher as I could reach
I dreamt of a flight without wobbling
That desire to cruise at the peak on point
Never dies in my heart even as seconds of
My life counts to ages of maturity

As my faith grows stronger than the muscles
I had a drop of feather in my heart to fly
But this is not enough to push me to that
Conquest level my blood thirsted for ages
What can I do next?
Nothing than to dare for the best

I put my faith on the flaming fire of trial
So I dared for the best that will never come
The best which I waited for too long to come
Then the wonders came as feathers lays
In multiple series on the arms of my hand
Just like a wing to swim in the air
Just like a wing to weather the storm
Just like an eagle that is born to overcome

I thought I had it all to fly before the rain came
It rushed down like a cat let loose from a bag
The feathers dampened and my dream ruined
I waited for a sunshine to restore the dream again

At the right time, you appeared from the east
Behold that is sunrise, then I looked no further
I embraced you with all my heart
With the tap of your hands and words
With the beauty of your smiles shining
And with that courageous might of yours
We flew beyond where my faith could reach

Many years of wait I learnt
That perseverance is golden
That ‘to fly’ Love is better than feathers
That love is a proof that never fails even
Under rain and terrifying storms of ages

I will never forget your words in a hurry
When you held my hand to your chest
And said “With us, there will be a rising sun
But There will never be a day with a sunset”
You made every beast of me to be the best

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