The Chosen One

Have anyone seen me in the brook
sipping from the running stream
to quench the thirst
of my dried cracking throat
and waiting for the mercy
of the droppings of raven’s meal
to calm the ravaging worms
poaching the walls of my intestines.
The fullness of the day passes by
Staying alive with patience of my dream
The day sun will rule the day
moon conquering the darkness of the night
and you will be in the closet of my arms
with your irresistible flowing kisses
the cup of my saliva will be filled
quenching the thirst-fullness of my throat
The warmness of your hug
filling in the walls of my intestine
I will be restored to a fullness of joy.
With the daily sight of your
blemish-less whitening teeth
surrounded by a beaming smiles
no doubt, I will be assured
that the chosen one has come.
I was not pushed, led by the dream
Today, my feeling gladden my soul
my dream has come true, it’ll live on.

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