The Breath of Love

The Breath of Love

It is when
The breath of our nostrils
Becomes the kicking force
That someone’s life solely depends
The thoughts in our burdened heart fill
The feelings of him that had no spoken words

It is when
The tears flow freely down from
That our swollen reddened eyes
For him that never cries for his pains

It is when
Our eyes see beyond that imaginary
Statues of him standing in our front
With a feeble wobbling leg that is easy
To be blown away by a soft raging wind

It is when
Our heart melts faster than the iceberg
Located at arctic region sea of our life
For him his life is a battleground of titans

It is when
We reach out
Lends a helping hand
Sincerely sing out our voice
And Becomes a pillar of support
To that cracked walls torn apart by
The circumstantial evidence of our world

It is then, It is then We can truly say
“I Love You”

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