Take It All

The head that thinks about you will never be mad
The eyes that admires your melting beauty will never blind
The nose that perceives the aroma of your
seductive scent will never be blocked
The ears that hears your vibrant lovely voice
When you calls will never be deaf
The mouth housing the tongue searching
The sweet sensations of your kisses will never be shut

The chest that feels your heart beat when
Entangled with your hug will never go sore
The arms of my hand holding you tight feeling
The electric shock of your emotion will never be weak
The strength of my leg to stand for you will never fumble

I will strip naked like banana to give you
The highest satisfaction you deserves
Craving for every curves and spots to take you
Higher to your dream places will always be my duty
My body is to make you happy and safe..
Take it all my love.

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