Sunrise of Hope





Day and night have had no power
Over the love we had for each other
But as days go by my brain tiptoes
Thinking about an unanswered question

Alas! Every sunset we live less
Reminded by the falling dawn shadow
As the full moon blinks away, so it is
Keeping in darkness the secret of love
Making a playing beach sandy soil in the
middle of lovebirds a rising mountain

Sun sets bringing separation of
Laughter and smile near
Every minute I ponder
Regurgitating the past sets my
Belle in a laughter streak sound
My heart jerks up with a smile that
We have had a good time together

My mind has refused to be contaminated
Strongly hoping of beholding your fleshiness
And soul into my Hungry arms as every sun-rises

From today i promise, i will focus on the rise
That brings laughter not the Set of the sun
I will live as if every seconds we spend
Together is a sunrise
This is the best way to make each other
the true sunshine we are

With Joy, laughter and smile the power of
Sunrise will overshadow the secret of
Sunset till the end of the time.

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