Radiator of a Shinning colors


Deep in thought with a
Traveled mind at sleep
Battalion Banquet of
Flowers appear walking
In the street radiating
colors of a shining light

A soft thunder ushered in
Time for Singing of birds
The voice of genus Agapornis
..is the loudest…

The fig tree spread forth
Her green figs of umbrella
Giving a shade to a walking

A gentle wind floats her
Long straight curling hair
Showing off her adorable smile
Her front side decorated with
Two succulent grapes standing
Tall on her chest beckoning
The touch of a licking tongue..

Every gorgeous step she makes
A lush floral balm Bulgari Pour Femme
Smell travels a mile farther away…
Seen from afar her beauty causes a stir

A bodacious queen
A dream of every creature
A trigger of salivating
Welcome home to the mansion
of my heart designed only for you

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