My Tears Says I Love You

Tears Heavily Rolling Down The Cheeks
Like Streams Of Water
Shaking With Uncontrollable Vibration Of Emotion
Like A Loose Rock Working Grounding Machine
Longing For The Calmness Of My Heart
As Stubbornness Of My Heart Jumping Out
I can Not Help Than To Ask For Mercy Oh Lord
‘Don’t Delay It
Let It Be Done Now’
I Heard My Inner Self Saying To The Lord

In Series Of Time
Thinking That I Was Asleep
It Is Now Dawn On Me
Am Walking Awake With Troubled Soul
With Mountain Piled Inactive Tools
I Love You I Love You My Heart Retorted
That Is An Undiluted Truth
I Have Spoken For Ages Now

You Are The Only Mirror
That Reflects My Happiness
If My Love Is Not Sufficient
To Keep You For Myself Forever
Lord I Pray For Enormous Riches
To Fight Fight Fight And Keep
Only You That Makes Me Happy

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