My Love Need To Be Heard

Perhaps There Is No Perfect Time

Like This Bright Morning Dawn

To Look Into Your Cheering Face

Before The Sun Set In The West

To Reveal The Abundant

Affection Of My Inner Heart

My Feelings Need To Be Heard

Sorry That I Am Not A Horse

Still I Have No Option

It Is Always Good To Hear

From The Horse’s Mouth

I Have Swam In Rivers And Oceans

Their Power Of Waves Never Sweep Me Away

The Strongest Haiyan in Tacloban

Could Neither Wash My Feet Away

Your Electrifying Love

Is The Irresistible Thing

I Have Felt In My Life

In Century Of Time

The Power Of Your Love

Is Melting Me Like An Ice

Washing Me Offshore To Onshore

Like The Waves Of A Storming Ocean

And Taking My Feet Away Like A Typhoon

I Have Found My Heart Beat In You

Please Don’t Leave Me Unless I Die

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  1. Are you a love doctor? Because this your articles are really medicinal to any dying heart.

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