A Letter To My Beloved MotherLand


Oh My Beloved Motherland
How I wish you are far and near
A place I can disappear to appear
In a jiffy as provocation mounts high
Just like a stinking mountain rubbish
That makes someone sick

How I wish you are an appetizer
To stimulate the hunger of my heels
Touching my head as I run to you
Or can you make me thirsty?
Thirsty of what, the scarcity of the
Abundant of milk and honey that has
Been a curse rather than a blessing?

I craved for the gentle juicy soft of my
Mother’s breast When I was a little baby
Her laps which I sit were softer than a
Pillow that a new-born baby’s head lay
Her comfort triggers a restless mind
When away from her unbroken cord of love
I never dream to be an alien when
I have the warmest of her embrace

The pride of the childhood has gone
Gone with the winds as years goes by
The ever standing breast is now flat
The juicy soft nipples are hard and dry
Her soft laps are covered by spikes
A propeller has acquired her unbroken
Cord of love chasing her sons and
Daughters farther away from home
In their heart now, to be an alien
Is a priority dream they wish to be
Because there is no place to call
home anymore

Now I am lost in the battle of
Grey, White and black palaver
I am stared at without blinking
Even by the unborn babies raising
Their head from the womb in awe
My footsteps are monitored by robot
He that is the brightest brain
Is objectified as a nonentity
I’m now Akwai 黑鬼’the black devil’
A defamation that will never be charged

Far east, North, South, and West
I watch your sons and daughters
With drizzling tears from their eyes
Flowing down their cheeks seeking
For the holy ghost help as the icy
hand of despair clutches their heart
Their ears have been busted by
The Never dying monkey chants and tales
They are prejudiced cos of being handwork of God

When I look up to the highly heaven
To see through the heavenly throne
Eyes are blurred, mind is filled
Pieces of thoughts gather to flare

What is the root cause to an endless
Blasphemy of creative handwork of God
Is the creativity itself a blunder?
Is human racial supremacy a suck?
Or is it the motherland leaders who
Steals the pride, hope, and dignity of
A black race away to offshore countries
Justifying the reality of a race battle
And the stupidity of their common sense?

Answer is unknown to my humble self
Any answer to the curiosity mind of mine?

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