I will stand strong for my Love

The tide of time rises wholly like a river
Sinking hastily like a filled fairy boat
The surging wave cannot sweep the feelings
Neither do the phobia of the falling height
Explode the bomb of a despair

Running on the thin of air for a hold
Just Like the birds of the heavens
Still never loosens the calmness of mind
The grasses in the water can even listen
As I wail Like the Jackals of the forest
The silent of the night clearly hears
As I laments Like the Ostriches of the field
That I need you more than the garden of Eden
Hunger for water

My thought is deeper than the bed of an ocean
The eyes of the fishes catches the glimpses of
The mesmerizing of my feet to stand strong for you
The grasping of my hands to hold you for myself
Till we are together in the golden street of heaven
Shouting the loudest praises to the mighty one

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