I Need A Rest

This is a special poem for women of all types suffering from all kinds of violence in their relationship. It is always difficult withstanding a long-time mental torture; sometimes taking a meaningful lasting decision seems to be the hardest thing to do especially when you are truly in love. The question is ‘whether love supposes to endure abuses and emotional manipulations’?

I need a rest

I need a rest

I kept up with what it seems
I was called to face and endure
Walked through the doors of hope
With excitement written all over my body
In every rising morning of a brand new day

Behold I hop-out
Through the back window
As evening of the day falls into
Deafening Silence of darkness with
A scary scar of a map drawn all over
My flawless skin, conspicuously enough
For the grand children yet unborn to see

What has kept traces of air bubbling inside
The weakened lung of mine is mother’s consolatory
Breathe of pains that taught me ‘Love endureth all things’

Though, have fallen more than once
Bitten more than twice but never shine eyes since
The dignity of a womanhood has become the man by her side
Is this pain a birthright to endure as long as I choose to live?

Or is it a journey that I have a choice?
A choice to end the misery and torture
That fills every space of my body and soul
Could it be a better choice to end the mockery
The laughter that has becomes thicker in my ears
As the gory life plays on and on without end?

Which choice is better to give this soul a rest it hunger’s for
Is it by hanging or poisoning that will be painfully painless
To that already busted soul crushed and stamped on the soil?

I hear you murmur to the spirit of my ear
That hell fire is roaring like a lion and
Flaring red tongue high in its deep throat
To roast the filthy soul of mine for eternity
If I painless rest my soul in peace it deserves
This has risen the tempo of pains for my dying soul
That is rooted in an emotional imbroglio of a choice

To die or to live in torture?
To be bruised, shamed and traumatized
To be roasted for eternity by the flaring tongue of hell
Which one is best suited for this dying soul of mine?


Image is adapted from www.snappa.com

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