GoodBye Kiss

A Kiss That Takes Away My Breath

Goodbye Kiss

When I was busy dancing boom-shaka-laka
Radiating in triple star smiles
In every of your trickling ramming touch
The time your fingers insanely crawls in and off me
I never knew that a cloud of sadness will loom someday

Those midnights
At the silence of darkness
When your whisper was louder than a voice
Your smiles clapped louder than a laughter
I never knew that a cloud of eye is filled with tears

Everything in me is turned out for you
You have succeeded without a fight
Being the blood that runs in my vein
And truly becomes the only compatible air
That trouble-Lessly runs in my lungs

You are about to say “bye bye’ for a journey
The word I dreaded most since I was 5 years old
When Dad kissed me ‘bye bye” for a military journey
Mid-night 23:59 I will be 25 years old yet he isn’t back

And now you want to give me a goodbye kiss
Like Judas Iscariot did to our Lord Jesus
Only God knows whether ‘bye bye’ means forever
I will lay down fully stretched on the soil
Outside the house
Under the sun
Waiting for you
Wish me Rest in Peace
Before you depart

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