Flash Back of A Broken Cord (The End)

Sunset girl

Rolling weeks into months
With an anxious empty nest
The flaming of weather ice fumes
The shivering of the muscles rises
The weaknesses of the feet develops
The hands numbs loosing its firm grip
Loneliness hissing a curse as day begotten the night

The imagination of lying together
That steams the cold iced blood grows stronger
Refused to be “chicken out” by the frown that freak out stranger
Drunk in the spirit of desire I Seek for a healing balm
That the body and soul passionately craves for

Hanging a porch of a backpack bag
Equipped with the torch of a courage
For a clarity view just like a night hunter
Striving for a successful mission the swing begins

I knock on the heart without faces
Hitting the stones that tumbles
Standing on the promises of hope
I hit softly on the door of her heart
Freely opened, embellished in gold
I Have finally found my heart desire
Her face is filled with smile
I will treasure you forever

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