Emissary of Love


harry porter

The days of old uniformed in blue and white
The sunshine wasn’t strong as it is today
The yearning of a growing baby is bonded by
The silence of his Love

Emissary of hand written love letter soothes my soul
After the salutation comes the crunch
“I am your secret admirer
I can’t get over thinking about you
In darkness and shining light of the day..”
Sealed and sent to overrated angel of my heart
To express the undying surge in my heart

Putting a mask on her true desire
She swaggered for days and weeks
I smiled every time we crossed paths
In adoration of her purest contours
That is a perfection of a womanhood

My heart jumped up and down
As I waited for the breaking news
Of her golden silence
A trauma I never pray for again


Image got from weheartit

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