The Demon In My Head That I Love

The Demon In My Head That I Love
By Jyde Joseph

Demon in me

Keeps me down
When I try to stay up
Make me your pawn
With your thoughts
You fill me up

I know too well
No one lives in this world alone.
We all are under some control
None is left alone
Sometimes I am me
Sometimes I am you

I love me as much as I love you
I am the embodiment
of your craving to be physical
I can’t say no even when I try
Then again I’m all yours

In the dead of the night
You took over me
In the silence of the day
My brain stops being me

You are the Demon in my head
I can’t get you out
Cos to do that
I have to think about it
But how can I think when
Only with you can I think

I head straight on a path
This I know will destroy me
But I can’t steer myself away
Cos you live in me all day long

No one is alone
This I know
But I need not you again
Now I’m sane
And I want you out

But almost immediately
You took over me…
As I write the next line
Now I’m regretful
Saying I needed you not
Because I love you

About The Author:
Jyde Joseph is a Nigerian
And a practising medical doctor.
He started writing at the age of 15
He loves writing and has written poems
Romantic and crime fictions.

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