Arrows of wickedness

Arrows of wickedness

“When the dead murders the sleep
Is it not insane to ask, why did you sleep?
When a fly is killed with a sledge hammer
Is it not wickedness to claim a bravery medal?

The soul its leg is at the back to gather a sprint
Flinging very fast its elbows down the wrist
Frontwards and backwards in a hurriedness to live
One more day on earth Is who you wasted with
Bullets of hate and dispatched to unknown with
Arrows of anger because you got a floating gown,
Wearing a white hairy cap, holding a gavel on his
Hand with a sounding block in front of his dropping
Eyeglasses by your side that sets free your Filthy body
Housed in a chameleon’s colour of deceit

Now there are grains of smiles on your face
You swagger freely in the street while your chained
Soul is surrounded by a conflagration of flame”

This is in memory of every dead soul all over the world, killed because of their rightful belief, creed, race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and their ethnicity background. We are living in a world where our differences do not make us stronger anymore but kill us. The world where opinions do not count, a reasonable expression has become a felony. A place where we are judged by what contains us rather than our content.

You have all gone so soon because you dared to be different and courageous. Your death shall not be in vein, restitution of your soul shall attract unending wailings of them that claimed to be too unjustly powerful for you.

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