An Empathy of Love

An Empathy of Love

Those things that happen to all is natural
When the sun dawns at the right horizon
It spread rays of smile to every moving head
Time and chance a compulsory gift it brings
An inspirational feat to an awaken thirsty soul

Be not in a hurry to blame that drifting hand
That is unable to paddle the canoe on shore
For every living soul thirsty for a greatness
The push can be too many than what that
Feeble trembling broken spirit can handle
Be humane to ask before you question

A smile devoid of an empathy is meaningless
Time and chance that have  a hollow feeling
For them that needed a hug more than a
Basketful of food is rascal in baseless of lies

Are Time and chance a justice of conscience?
Time flies over the smoking white blue sky
Heating up the pains piercing through the heart
That bleeds stronger in every chance that is given
Then where is the mimicking face of the chance ?

The season has come
When the old lies is to become new
And the beauty of the forced masquerading
Women in the street shall be unveiled forever
Then we shall know that time and chance never
Heals that haunting darkness of shadow
Left behind by the treasured wreckers of heart
But what does is a heart full of empathy of love



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