Am Lost In Your Arms

Am Lost In Your Arms

Am Lost In Your Arms

It is largely wide open and blinks little
Seated inside two openings on the face
Mounted on the comfort of a fulcrum
It turns round around without tiring
Round and balled under a hairy cap
Its retina is the sharpest of all lens
That is the gifted eyes of mine

It has seen through the clouded darkness
Outshined the intimidating rays of light
Caught up with the running race of speed
Humbled the fuming rage of haze
Brilliantly sieve out the impurities of pure
And comforted the meekness of my heart
With the most beautiful Angel on earth

She has looted the sadness of my face
Plunged me into a deeper awe of joy
With the infectious smile of hers
And Her affectionate timely touch

Finally, that difficult wound
That is hard to mend is now healed and sealed
Thanks be to her exceedingly exuding balms
That soothed every piercing pains in my soul

No wonder even the blind got lost
In admiration of the creative works of God
Am lost in your arms just like a little baby
Now praying hard not to be found ever again

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