A blossoming Love

Got stuck inside a hinged dark breakable pot
Neatly stored inside a dark ridden room
It is a hell being a captive of hell.
The pot broken, I hastily breathed
A sigh of relief, air makes me come alive
Battling with the darkness of the room
The weakly body is as blind as the eyes
The ceiling broken, the roof removed
The rush of sun ray brought back a lost hope.
Following the direction of the sunlight
Growing out-off darkness to my world
My strength is restored, ego is boosted
My roots desperately ran down the soil
In search of a lifeline, water was met
The leaves smiled with open hand
The flower blossom, fruits yielded
Then storm came, wind blows
Conquering dance erupted
To the admiration of all.

This story of a growing plant
Taught me a lot about your love
Through the path of darkness
Your love shoot me to limelight
I will shine and never dim again
Thanks, I’m blossomed by your love

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