Things that make you appealing and attractive

Gone Are The Days

“Gone are the days when I cried for What I can’t have.
Now I allow things that I can have to cry for me”

Life is full of a smoke screen we made up by ourselves to hide from the reality.
Pretences get no one anywhere rather than to a journey of self-depreciation and rejection
The Willingness to unmask self-hidden truth is always a pathway to self-empowerment Discovering oneself is finding that inner happiness that is independent of any external factors or persons that surround us.

Challenging the status quo, working to change those things you can and try to accept those things that are beyond your control to change, will definitely bring the required positive turn-around of truly being unique and appealing .

Three things that make you appealing and attracted to a man:

– Know Your self-worth – It is left for you to discover who yo are, trust and carry yourself in such a way that others can appreciate and respect your personality as well. Having confidence is the simplest way a woman can let any man to know that she is not in the business of seeking for his attention or his approval. When a woman has the right mixture of confidence, she will always be desired by any man. Make a man feel lucky of having you in his life.

– Independence – You becomes the best of yourself when independent. You become a complete person that is not always in needy of help or monetary benefits from a man when independent. Being independent will inspire any man to set a high standard for himself just to be able to have an engaging interaction with you. Have your own hobbies, passion, and interests. It helps in garnering knowledge that make you positively engaged in an intellectual discussion. when a woman is able to prove that she is complete and can enhance any man’s life, she becomes appealing and desirable to a man.

  • Being Strong – It is the responsibility of a man to provide protection to  a woman. But since a computer needs a backup disk to be confident of the safety of its data, so also a man needs a woman that is tested, strong, trusted and reliable to back him up when the need arises. You have to radiate an element of strength and reliability to totally win the heart of any man.
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